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"Stile Liberty", Torí-Turin-Torino, Piemont, Itàlia.

"Stile Liberty", Torino, Italy (I think this would be an amazing corner piece for an illuminated first letter or just sitting as a border.

21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments

21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments

Stitch’s exact oven-sized cake is so perfect and adorable. Yet another reason to love Stitch.

He's using the puppy eyes. I have no resistance to the puppy eyes. Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, The Imitation Game

"…this is a man who’s never going to be allowed to love, and that’s really his tragedy and the tragedy of the film." - Benedict Cumberbatch about Alan Turing in The Imitation Game (Morten Tyldum,

A Vatican scholar claims to have deciphered the death certificate imprinted on the Shroud.  She says she has reconstructed it from fragments of Greek and Latin and it reads "Jesus",  "Nazarene",  "Taken down in the early evening"  "to death"  "I execute".  This stunning finding is one more nail in the coffin of doubt concerning the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

Death certificate of 'Jesus' is discovered imprinted on the Shroud of Turin

Pinterest has a pretty great collection of vintage travel posters. If you know me, you know that I love all things vintage (or maybe I just like hoarding things), so here's 50 of my favourite travel posters on Pinterest. I just thought they were too cool not to show the world.

50 Vintage Travel Posters to Feed Your Wanderlust

Vintage Travel Poster - Torino/Turin - The city of Turin, Italy sits in a bright Hat Box -

1753 Italian (Turin) Inkstand at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - This inkstand does not just have an inkwell, but also includes a small shaker for sand, which would have been sprinkled on a newly-written text to help the ink dry more quickly.

Inkstand, ca. Italy, probably by Andrea Boucheron. Coat of arms of the House of Savoy is engraved on the stand beneath the bell. It is presumably one of the many inkstands Boucheron is recorded as having made for the royal family.

ITALIAN DICTATIONS. Dictations of various levels to help you improve your writing and listening comprehension.

Learn Italian online with our free Italian grammar reference. Explanations and examples of all aspects of Italian grammar.