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The United States of Obesity Infographic

The United States of Obesity Infographic Missouri looks like a pretty fat state

We're all paying a price for this and this will, indeed, be our greatest downfall! The economic impact on resources and the environment are staggering all in the name of meat and dairy, which all lead to diseases of affluence (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and many more!) Watch "Forks Over Knives". Read "The China Study". Educate yourself!

United States of Obesity 7 Fat Facts Weighing Down America

Fascinating information on fast food consumption then vs. now

Why Americans Are Getting Fatter (Infographic). This is really interesting, and disgusting!

The Childhood #Obesity Epidemic #Infographic

Millet Pancakes with Lentil Puree

Childhood Obesity Infographic - keep your children healthy and active so we can reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.

A heavy burden, how much does obesity cost employers?

Are Obese Employees Killing Your Company? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Weight Loss: Keas Infographic: How Much Does Obesity Cost Employers? - Column Five Media

A Closer Look At Obesity In America

A Closer Look At Obesity In America

A Closer Look At Obesity In America - sad sad.

Think you know everything about obesity? Check this infograph about some facts you might have missed! www.greennutrilabs.com

Infographic offered by a weight loss center located in Los Angeles, presenting obesity in the United States based on recent statistics. As the data sh

{Infographic} Why Are Our Children Still Obese? | @anytimefitness examines the statistics.

Childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past 30 years.

The obesity crisis. How the expanding waistline is the american frontier. #nutrition #obesity #infographics

Sugar Patient Symptoms

The Obesity Crisis Infographic - How the Expanding Waistline is the American Front(ier) via Fitness and Weight Loss Central.

#Obesity #Infographic:  The United States of Obesity: a visual breakdown of our unhealthy habits and their consequences.

Obesity in America Facts and Information - Changing Family Habits - Obesity