I can't decide of this is simply so beautiful that I can't think, or if it's just a bad tattoo and I won't admit it to myself because it's guitar related...

Beautiful guitar tattoo on the back. Only a part of the guitar and its strings are inked in the tattoo. It forms a cute looking circle on the base of the neck still emphasizing that it is a guitar.

Side piece, universe  Photo by dannymads_skin_magician

Incredible and shocking space tattoo designs to astound you. Enjoy over 44 awesome space tattoos and science fiction body art ideas. (SEE SPACE TATTOOS)

Gorgeous i love it! :D

The cherry blossom tree has played a symbolic importance to a variety of different cultures throughout history. The cherry blossom tree is one of the most beautiful trees on earth. Cherry blossoms bloom on these trees and the view is absolutely.

piano cross

32 Cool Music Note Tattoo Ideas

Musical Cross - would like to create this on a canvas for my daughter's room

Music... Niiiice!

On the back. Instead of a tramp stamp, how about a "musician inscription"?

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Really fun tattoo I did of a music tree with music notes for leaves and the trunk, on the side of a calf. Still one of my favorite pieces so far :) Tree of life.

johnny cash

Johnny Cash tattoo -- guitar, rose, "I walk the line". I would absolutely love this if the guitar was a little more realistic

Peace, love, and music tattoo

My new Peace Love and Music tattoo on the inside of my left ankle Update I seriously never thought this would be the most popular picture on . Peace Love and Music Tattoo