Sometimes you find people on the road; (On the Road to Perilous, tar and varnish on canvas, 60 x John Sokol)


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JOJO LA Balls as seen :"Eyes are the window to the soul .."....A-ha-ha :))) There IS a clinical cliché behind the HUGE shOOOOOObel& a JAWs of a envy rasista feeeeeeelling her garbade sacs..buldoZZZZZZZering "OOO , I´so LOOOOney , Lost & confused ,,,,do me , LOOOl , do me a fardy." ets.ets...on rep the terap....A-ha-ha :))) Dirty UUUUUbsessa ,an OLD uggly

The eyes are the windows of the soul. I wonder this is why we cry often, to keep the vision of our soul clean.

Leslie Ann ODell  - Surreal Digital Art by Leslie Ann O'Dell

Surreal Digital Art by Leslie Ann O'Dell


“ Creepy Drawings by Kirill Semenov DeviantArt Another artist we’ll introduce today is Kirill Semenov from Russia. Kirill aka Skirill specializes in various original creepy drawings.

Hospital by FP7/DXB , United Arab Emirates via newyorkfestivals #Advertising #FP7_DXB #newyorkfestivals

Hospital by Batelco Directory Advertising Agency: Bahrain Creative Director: Fadi Yaish Art Director: Supparat Thepparat Agency Integrated producer: Mar Wai May Photographer: Surachai.

Tom French  - Skull Illusion Artwork by Tom French  <3 <3

Skull Illusion Artwork by Tom French

Skull Illusion Artwork by Tom French. Born in Tom French grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Tom began his studies at the Newcastle School of Art and Design and went on to graduate from the Sheffield… Continue Reading →

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Se Salvador Dali Fosse Vivo o Que Ele Diria Do Trabalho De Rafal Olbinski? Picture on VisualizeUs - Bookmark pictures and videos that inspire you. Social bookmarking of pictures and videos. Find your pictures and videos.

mimavelis07:    Diferents paints but the same worlds

This is by the Polish-American artist Rafal Olbinski . I see some influence from Rene Magritte!

I like this art piece again because of the bold black and white colours, and also that it seems so unfinished, but you can still tell its a portrait, and if you look closely, the seemingly random black splodges, which at first glance make the piece look unfinished, when looked at closer, look like some form of jacket or coat, and hair on the persons head.

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