Visagie: Makeup: Topolino Erwin Olaf Studies 'Les Beaux Arts' for Vogue Netherlands, 2014

paintdeath: “Ewrin Olaf studies ‘Les Beaux Arts’ for Vogue Netherlands ”

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Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 1960 – August was an American He began as a graffiti artist in New York City in the late and evolved into a Neo-expressionist painter during the

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat Creates His Own Racial History In 'Undiscovered Genius Of The Mississippi Delta'

Jean Michel Basquiat

I have liked Jean Michael basquiat for a very long time. the chaos of his art is truly captivating, spent a good hour this afternoon looking.

I love this piece of art because it's how I feel my life is every day with my illness. Butt-naked and carrying a bull - a wonderful metaphor! Girl Carrying Bull, by Vladimir Fokanov

New Orleans Biennial 'Prospect 3' Leads The Way In Diversity

New Orleans Biennial 'Prospect 3' Leads The Way In Diversity

Page: CPRKR Artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat Completion Date: 1982 Style: Neo-Expressionism Genre: figurative painting Technique: acrylic, crayon Material: canvas Dimensions: x cm Gallery: Private Collection

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painting art canvas Picture - More Detailed Picture about Contemporary art Trumpet 1984 by Jean Michel Basquiat Painting oil on canvas Wall Art Abstract High quality Hand painted Picture in Painting & Calligraphy from Thomas Kinkade Art Gallery