I like the penwork in this, very clean and confident

Drawings - Sketches of Travel Logs. Jorge Royan created great Doodles / Sketches drawing on his travels around the world. More information and more images from this Artist, Press the Image.

JR Sketches

Ansouis I've just scanned the first sketch from a long trip at the Luberon, France. There's not much to say about many of those, sinc.


This architectural sketch, drawn in marker, makes use of Copic pens, which provide very little definition. The artist has therefore used techniques with a finer black marker, such as hatching and crosshatching to render the initial sketch.

JR Sketches: Luberon, France 2013 3 - Set 2013

Aix-En-Provence, Place des Augustins The old Augustinian monastery gave its name to this place.