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Nick's favorite graphic novel of 2013 was "Copra Compendium" by Michel Fiffe.

The critically acclaimed action comic from Michel Fiffe is finally here! Ambushed, beaten, and framed for genocide, Copra plows though this four-color nightmare with only one thing in mind: revenge.

Gene Colan and Syd Shores Daredevil #58 Splash Page 4 Original Art (Marvel, 1969) [One of the greatest splash pages of all time. A book about a blind hero had one of the masters of the visual as its' artist...that's not irony...that's kismet...'nuff said]

Gene Colan and Syd Shores Daredevil Splash Page 4 Original Art (Marvel, In one of the most - Available at 2008 August Vintage Comics &.

Lady Charis - Exalted First Age

Lady Charis (Wildstorm Universe)

Review of Tales of Honor #1, the first issue in a comic series based on Baen Books' New York Times bestselling military sci-fi books by David Weber, from Image Comics and Top Cow Productions.  This issue is the first in a cross-media initiative by Top Cow Productions and Evergreen Studios that will soon branch out into mobile gaming and, in 2017, several cinematic feature films. More information is available through a link at the bottom of the review.

Tales of Honor Matt Hawkins, Jung-Geun Yoon, Linda Sejic Image Comics/Top Cow Productions 2014 Based on David Weber's New York Times best-selling