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Illustration by Sam Weber for House of Mystery from DC/Vertigo Comics

Isaac G. Salazar

skull Books Transformed into 3 D Origami Symbols Isaac Salazar

Vegeta Ss God en DBZ?

this picture connotes the emotion because of the horror it gives to its audience

Was geschieht, wenn Kerzen gelöscht werden - http://www.dravenstales.ch/was-geschieht-wenn-kerzen-geloescht-werden/

Smoke picture, by DeltronZ for: skeleton photoshop contest

Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration

Awesome skull designs, Part 3

that's the butterfly that. makes u smile when u'r sad.

Skull Dark art ~Gothic Art --this shows death but one who is holding on to hope (the firefly)

El calavera

This looks like a random snapshot. Does anyone know the artist of the painting? I love that the art viewer has a panda backpack juxtaposed with the skull!

trick or treat

thats what i want to be for halloween, a skeleton wearing a Totoro costume! F**k yeah!


Obery Nicolas: Fantasmagorik

Obery Nicolas is an art director, digital artist and illustrator out in Paris, France who has made a distinct name for himself with his Fantasmagorik.

Hellraiser- Who needs vampires or werewolves or even zombies when I raise hell just to be with you.

Hellraiser cover artwork by *Nick-Percival on deviantART. 'Cover artwork for 'Clive Barker's Hellraiser' from BOOM!


Imagenes que tal vez no viste 2.