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...liking this tea concoction I make

saw this Pin, A hot cup of tea in the morning.love the steam captured, the teabag ready to steep, to brew, to exude flavours.

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Tell me everything about you. You can go on for hours, I don’t mind.

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5 Yoga Fixes for Bad Posture - this is great for anyone after u've been sitting for awhile and need a good Safe stretch! I need these for my good posture!

You know your tea is brewing thoroughly and perfectly when you see all that steam! :)

fresh brewed tea for your dosha is the perfect elixer to maintain health and wellbeing year round.

stored-snapshots:    Y is for the Yellow blanket (by Justine Gordon)

Y is for the Yellow blanket (by Justine Gordon) when the light leaks through the windows

Reminds me of all the plum jam my family used to make.

A drink with bread and jam - sometimes it's a good cup of coffee!

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Winter Tea, yes please.

Interesting statistics on a beverage I love.

UK-based retailer Holland and Barrett has created an infographic of some trivial facts about tea. In 'A Cupful of Tea Facts', it states.

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Photo by Roxy clothing.