Family Album 1:12" Miniature by

Family Album Miniature by Heylormammy 'I made this photo album from brown envelopes, a scrap of black leather, thread and real old family photographs scaled down to scale for my doll's house.



Tutorial for this stove

I needed a vintage style miniature stove & oven for the Wiltshire Cottage dollhouse. I saw an old ad for a GE stove. To make a miniature .

caja libro

MINIATURE: miniature decorative box - Link has tutorial in French, but photos are good.


DIY mini birdcage DIY birdcage (need solder) then make a miniature clay bird

1:12 scale miniature aquarium made from a Reutter Porzellan box ...

scale glow in the dark miniature aquarium made from a Reutter Porzellan box. Glow in the dark tape on the underside of the top illuminates it at night! ~Made by Nina Eary~ - would need to be enlarge for Barbie scale