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Gold bar bank ($12) #FilthyLIFE piggy bank bank dope stuff dope shit cool stuff gold

Shop Gold Bar Bank at Urban Outfitters today. We carry all the latest styles, colors and brands for you to choose from right here.

This gold bar notepad is so money.

This gold bar notepad is so money.

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Love. Luck. Kisses and Cake - The Blog

Make your campsite stand out from the rest with this tantalizing watermelon tent. Though it may attract wild grizzly bears to your camping area like flies to a...

Watermelon Tent

"What a Melon" tent by FieldCandy-You can still look cute eating beans from a can - Fieldcandy Tents

10 Stationery Sets We Love Right Now Photos | Architectural Digest

New Year, New Stationery

AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad  This cool waterproof notepad allows you to write down your ideas while you are in the shower.

Aqua Notes - Waterproof Notepad for the shower! How genius is this! I'm always thinking of things that I promptly forget once out of the shower!

This USB hub has the potential to keep you smiling while you study and work at your computer.#office tools#

Pig Buddy: Cutest USB Hub & Flash Drives Ever

I think you'll like Smilling Face Magic Color Changing Mug Cup High Quality Ceramic Coffee Cup 350ML. Add it to your wishlist!  http://www.wish.com/c/542ad8e311f2050c83e1aa37

Smilling Face Magic Color Changing Mug Cup High Quality Ceramic Coffee Cup 350ML

Smilling Face Magic Color Changing Mug Cup High Quality Ceramic Coffee Cup

Recycling machine turns papers into pencils.

Recycling machine turns papers into pencils.

The Flip Flask for Those Who Like to Sneak in a Drink Slyly #shoes #footwear trendhunter.com

Booze-Concealing Slippers

And you thought the bottle opener on the bottom of flip-flops was desperate. Check out the Flip-Flop Flask! TOO FUNNY

Battleship USB Hub

Organize your cables with this USB Battleship Hub. Created by the design duo Giffin’ Termeer, the idea was that the “boat shape could be an ‘organizing image’ to visually ma…

Philco PC Retro Re-design by SchultzeWORKS designstudio » Yanko Design

Philco retro steampunk concept PC is designed by SchultzeWORKS. The concept PC combines with the style of retro and steampunk , whick make Philco concept PC

Smart Health Talk Top Greening Your Life Tip.  Solar Powered Window Socket.  Are these awesome or what.  Think of the applications.  How about hotel rooms where they never have enough plugs. Could you carry one with you everywhere just in case of an emergency and your cell phone was dying.  Just shows what kinds of things we could invent.

Solar Powered Window Socket

"Window Socket" is an innovative solar powered window socket that converts sunlight into electricity and allows people to charge their small electronic devices.

want.  Also saw a Yellow Submarine one.  And a yellow ducky