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Gentle and passionate kisses soldiers and their loved ones photos)

Way cool, if any of you spend any time looking at old photographs you'll notice that people don't smile- So this is a treasure right here. Love the last one.   Don't underestimate the power of a smile- here, it shows us that photography trends of the day can't mask the happiness of true love.

A Victorian couple actually smiling in a photo…

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OPEN YOUR MIND Ci sono persone che ti trasmettono la sensazione immediata di conoscerle da sempre. Sono i tuoi amici dalle incarnazioni precedenti. Rafforza l'amicizia che esiste tra voi. Gli amici sono la tua collezione di gioielli splendenti dell'anima... In queste scintillanti galassie dell'anima contemplerai l'unico Grande Amico… è Dio che viene a trovarti, travestito da amico nobile e sincero, per servirti, ispirarti, guidarti. (Paramahansa Yogananda)

varietas: “ Édouard Boubat: Les Aimes / L’Amitie, Paris, France, 1952 Paris in the Springtime, March 23 - June 2013 / Peter Fetterman Gallery ”

Libération de Paris, 25 août 1944

An American soldier receives a kiss in gratitude for the liberation of Paris during World War II - August 25 1944

I simply love these timeless captured moments. Although separated by decades, I have felt what these women have felt. I have stood where these women have stood. There's just something so beautiful and heart wrenching about this special kind of bond.

Train Station Goodbye Don't know how many times my parents had to say good-bye like this during the war years.

porthole smooches

"The Last Kiss" WWII Departure of the “Amerigo Vespucci”, Egypt, 1963

Buongiorno a tutti....

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