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Guardate come lo street artist Roadsworth ha trasformato le strade della cite di Montreal. “Where Wordsworth is a poet of words, Roadsworth is a poet of.

Peter Gibson, also known as Roadsworth, began his work in 2001 with the addition of extra bike lanes to Montreal streets. Activism then morphed into a body of over 500 works. Gibson's images often incorporated existing road-markings into his creative designs, “my intention was to create a language that would function as a form of satire, accentuating the absurdity inherent to certain aspects of urban living, urban space,  public policy.” In 2004 Gibson was charged with 51 accounts of public…

Artist creates gargantuan street art

Street Artist Roadsworth Transforms the Streets of Montreal into a Visual Playground street art Montréal

little art - kleine kunstwerkjes op straat

Street Artist Cleverly Turns the Road into His Canvas

11 Roadsworth Street Art Photos - A Collection These are fantastically creative, art in everyday life.

Roadsworth street art - from Toronto , Canada....3D  Creative and funny.

Street artist Peter Gibson turns the streets of Montreal into a giant canvas to encourage the city to build more bike lanes.

Em 2001 artista Peter Gibson começou uma campanha de guerrilha arte de rua para incentivar a cidade de Montreal para construir mais ciclovias. O que começou como um projeto a cargo do ativismo se tornou um projeto de arte que continua a este dia.

Ruas de Montreal transformadas com Street Art

Street Artist Roadsworth Transforms the Streets of Montreal into a Visual Playground street art Montréal

Awesome chalk sidewalk drawing:)

Amazing Art Collection 400 awesome craft ideas to do with your kids this Christmas! Amazing Street Art of Edgar Mueller Pics)

client: Lays  agency: Juniper Park, Toronto, Canada

Potatoes growing out of the ceiling in a tunnel. It's an ad by Lays: 'our potatoes are grown closer than you may think.' Could be an interesting street art concept, hanging growing stuff in subway tunnels etc.

Monsieur Qui - Artista francês espalha lambe-lambe pelos muros cinzas das cidades | Virgula

Fashion Illustration Street Art by Eric Lacan aka monsieur Qui – wheatpaste, Paris 2013