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into deep dark silence. silence that seems to press in around, wondering at the intrusion. silence that has been here long before you were born and will reign far after you are gone.


"Crater Lake National Park is a United States National Park located in southern Oregon. Established in Crater Lake National Park is the fifth oldest national park in the United States and the only one in the state of Oregon.


The LOST RIVER feeds into the Methow 6 miles nw of MAZAMA Wa. Hike Monument Crk Trail 4 easy miles to Eureka Crk, where a chasm closes off these waters

This picture shows symmetry, an example of balance. The picture is the same on both sides which creates balance throughout the artwork. The trees give off the same shadow on the water and the picture is weighted very well.

Mirror reflection on the High Divide of Olympic National Park in Washington (Jayson McIvor)

Upper Sandy River - Oregon - USA

Mystical Falls - Oregon "The Subway" in Zion National Park, Utah Upper Sandy River - Oregon - USA

Nada Lake | photosbysomeguy

my dream life is to wake up in a place like this everday and hike up a mountain with my doggy.

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Devetashka Cave by Silvia S.

Will have to see them when i visit my dad in bulgaria. Devetashka cave, Bulgaria Photography Silvia S.