Let's Draw Sherlock!! — Hey all! For June, Let’s draw Sherlock’s winning...

Let's Draw Sherlock! — Hey all! For June, Let’s draw Sherlock’s winning.<<< Shelock looks so done.

I can see him just like: Hey John, what are you doing just sitting here. There's been a murder down the street grab your coat.

Sherlock Holmes is not dead in these adorable GIFs

Yay! Something Sherlock that's not crack, Johnlock or Reichenbach!

I can totally see sick Sherlock as a giant pain.--- i feel like this is accurate, like it actually is canon somehow.

Sher-kitty is the BEST.

Catcroft and Catlock. I mostly find this funny for what appears to be a hedgehog Watson.

Oh my god I can't stop laughing.

lol I love the look of panic on Sherlock's face when he realizes he's said something stupid and made John cry. I love when Sherlock goes like:''John your the worst boyfriend ever!

"It's not a game anymore" / #sherlock #season4 #fanart

prettyrealisticjohnlockfanart: “ meetingyourmaker: “ It’s Not A Game Anymore I saw recent promo pic and decided to play around it. ” OMG this is such amazing symbolism for fandom atm though.