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Birds created in ink off the page suggests imagination as it's as if you can imagine the drawn birds fly away and the fish really swim.

There is always an inside from outside the door.

Belgium-based photographer Ian Komac captures and creates surreal scenes both in nature and indoors. The photo enthusiast has been honing his c


I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination can take a limited space and fit a world inside.

Social Consciousness

I know this isn't a mermaid, but I have dreams like this ALL THE TIME, where my house fills up with water and I swim to the ceiling and stuff. It's cool! Love this picture.

If I could save time in a bottle...

A beautiful sunset.a beautiful reflection.If you could bottle nature in a glass jar this is what it would look like.

This is me

Nachts mit Buch (II), Quint Buchholz, From his book "Im Land der Büchen," published by Hansen. (In English: "Nights with Book," "In the Land of Books.

Hossein Zare creates surreal worlds by taking his photos and photoshopping it into something awesome. Via Fubiz.

Surreal photography by Hossein Zare

Hossein Zare creates some powerful surreal photography. Using some softwares such as Photoshop for photomanipulations, he is able to create surreal worlds and p

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The sun blinded her vision for only a moment then, she saw the pearl white wings glitter in the sunshine.

Uma questão de perspectiva

hippies-like-us: “ light-blue-smurf: “ People Art Gallery Exciting Photo Illusions ” The swimming pool temporarily effed me up.

Surreal photos but really well done. There is a lot of meaning behind each. Even though it is a picture there is a Tom of implied movement in each

Surreal photos…

Anyone know the name of the artist? Know I have seen it (in a behind the scenes look at the ship photo), but can't remember. :( UPDATE: artist is Erik Johansson: