Ellen Print

Learn proper proportion of faces and then draw caricatures by exaggerating certain features. What does it do to the face when you have huge eyes, nose, jaw, chin, forehead?

Ewelina Dymek

Ewelina Dymek via @pristinaorg

Fashion Illustrations 2014 by Ewelina Dymek, via Behance. The models and pieces of typography were drawn with a pencil, however the background and some decorative elements were digitally coloured with the use of Wacom Intuos

Beauty Illustrations by Amanda Mocci

Hyper-real illustrations by Quebec-based Amanda Mocci

"Carina" by Amanda Mocci. "Amanda Mocci is a freelance Graphic Designer and illustrator from Montreal Quebec. Her work is influenced by the minimalism of black and white as well as the chaotic beauty and mystery of the universe." via Daydream Lily

Image of Print gato

Print gato

Image of Print gato Illustrationy by Lady Desidia: lovely little princess drawing with a cat

Chairs - Amanda Mocci

"Color is wondrous but black & white is phenomenal" - Amanda Mocci, a Montreal graphic designer & illustrator