Industrial piercing

Heart and arrow industrial ear piercing.

Industrial piercing with two earlobe piercings.

Industrial piercing with two earlobe piercings. Love the industrial!


Industrial/ transverse cartilage piercing, plus first and second lobes

Rook Piercing Ideas with Crystal Captive Bead Ring. Piercing Ideas for Ear, Rook Piercing, Curved Barbell. Cartilage & Helix Piercing Ideas, Gold Crystal Hoop Cartilage Piercing. Tragus Piercing Jewelry. Ear Piercing Jewelry, Industrial Piercing Barbells, Zebra Print Ear Gauge Plugs, Black Line.

40+ Cute Ear Piercing Ideas and Different Types of Ear Piercings

Im thinking Industrial piercing

Swallow industrial bar piercing

Industrial bar piercing--I'm getting this done tomorrow!

Kinda wish i never would have taken mine out :( industrial piercing love the skull

Industrial skull piercing and tunnel

Industrial Piercing getting this redone tomorrow too!

Industrial Piercing // hope i can convince the parentals to let me get one

if this wouldn't hurt as much as I hear it does and draw so much attention I would get an industrial just for this earring

Arrow Industrial Ear Piercing pinned onto Tattoos Board in Tattoos Category

I'm in love with this super cute rook piercing!

owl earring

Love the Fluer de lis Earring

industrial piercing wiggle bar                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Industrial Scaffold Ear Piercing with a "wiggle" bar - Debating getting one (and on one ear) of these non-lobe piercings. They seem pretty understated - and a great solutions for those with tiny earlobes!

I'm getting this done

Nostril Piercing – Studs OK, this is probably the most popular type of nose piercing and it's easy to see why: nostril piercings can be extremely versatile and can accommodate a large variety of stud designs.

My next piercings..the triple forward helix piercing!!!

My next piercings.the triple forward helix piercing!

Dolphin bellybutton ring, im not even a huge dolphin fan but this is adorbs

Dolphin bellybutton ring, ahh its so cute

Want my rook pierced soo the way the two cartilage piercings are kinda separated


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