Greninja used Surf by on @deviantART

Greninja’s surf could take shape of other water pokemon, it would be really awesome You can buy prints and other stuff here: www. Greninja used Surf

Water Shuriken by on @deviantART (Greninja)

More Pokemon picture, I was itching to draw Greninja using rasengan/rasenshuriken Water Shuriken from the trailer!

...This is seriously one of the finest   crossovers I've seen. Kudos to the genius who put together a Pokelock mashup, I   think I love you.

That’s true loyalty…

Funny pictures about That's true loyalty. Oh, and cool pics about That's true loyalty. Also, That's true loyalty.

Pokemon Sun and Moon starters by Quas-quas on DeviantArt

Tapu Koko, Bulu, Fini and Lele. The guardian deities of Alola. (Higher Res version for points on the side ) Different version with their names on it:  

Resultado de imagen de toko avatar

toko week- gambling+beach by ~Minari-hanul This is a drabble I wrote to go along with the bottom image. :) (Which is not mine btw. I just wrote the thing.