I'm try to be as optimistic as possible. I'm also pretty good at handling things on my own, and giving myself advice. Music is just a coping mechanism.

I relate to this so much.

Damaged people are dangerous they know how to make hell feel like home

Saaammmmme, everything that could go wrong, awkward, horrible, embarrassing, my mother questioning my sexuality, it happens

Same besides sleep is best next to eating and living life to the fullest when it isnt crumbling beneath your feet

It hurts ppl if you dont tell them,its like killing them mentally

this pin relates to me, not because a guy left me but because my best friend just stopped talking to me

Because I don't think I can fake it much longer.....

The other day, I old my friend " I wanna cry" and she said " go ahead" and I jut started crying

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How am I supposed to explain locking my emotions inside until I go numb to people who are as happy as can be

Anime - Your Lie in April

Anime - Your Lie in April

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HACHIMAN: "I prefer to distance myself whenever I'm in a bad mood because I'll become the most heartless person you'll ever meet"