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Manga: Gangsta "Damaged people are dangerous. They know how to make hell feel…

'And you just can't stand the reality or sadness anymore so that you'd wish to die as soon as possible,' -Kazaya

Charlotte - Otosaka Yuu Anime is really amazing. Its the only series/movies that made me cry.

nobody knows what i feel inside and they will never know......

nobody knows what i feel. Cause if you were feeling joy, then no one will ruin it for ya. ( not by faking a smile!


"people who die by suicide don’t want to end their lives they want to end their pain " Anime ; Bungou Stray Dogs My dad need to understand that

I learned this earlier than most, seeing as I was bullied severely

I realized at a young age that I see the world in a much different way, like skin color, racism and religion I see everything in a way that others wouldn't even think of and I'm scared of talking to anyone about it

I hope I wud have a heart like that.

I'm proud of My heart it's been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken but…