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Please Put That Pink Can of Soup Down and Put Your Bra Back On

This is the real breast cancer not pink crap on your face book 5 Days post bilateral mastectomy and complete ALND (Axillary Lymph Node Dissection) -- Pinned by Mary Poole

Powerport for Chemo / Lymphedema & Breast Cancer / bilateral mastectomy -- cancerinmythirties.

How to Prepare for a Mastectomy. Choosing to have a mastectomy to prevent or treat breast cancer is a courageous and sometimes necessary action.

9 Things Never to Say to Sick Friends

9 Things Never to Say to Friends Battling Cancer: NUMBER ONE: you know more about their illness than they do. Be supportive, not a know-it-all, especially if you've never been diagnosed with the very same cancer.

Chemotherapy may cause your nails to change colour, become brittle, grooved, lifted or sensitive. Docetaxel side effects include significant nail changes.

The VlogBrothers have posted some great videos on climate change. Hank shoots down some common denier arguments on this one.

Craig and do kinda look alike!  He actually shaved his head when I lost my hair!

Craig and do kinda look alike! He actually shaved his head when I lost my hair!

Olivia Newton-John

Everything there is to know about breast cancer Inspirational Cancer Quotes: I look at my journey as a gift: It made me slow down and realize the important things in life and taught me to not sweat the small stuff.

My Mom & Me & Our weiner dog. Having a breast cancer mom when you're just a kid

I Had No Idea What Flap Procedures Were Until Now. This Video Is Such A Great Reconstruction Resource!

This fantastic animation walks you through the possibilities for breast reconstruction, focusing on implant operations both with and without a flap procedure, as well as what types of flap procedures there are.

Taking Her Clothes Off to Prove a Point

The lady stripped bare: Tracey Spicer strips back her daily routine and challenges us all to use our time more productively.