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The only movie archer to ever run out of arrows. And only after a ridiculously long amount of time I might add. <<< did you see his quiver (is that what it's called? The holdy-arrow thing) though? It had a ridiculous number of arrows

Courtesy Tribune.ca. Shows porportion of bow, carried cross-body.

I think he got his bow caught on his shirt, Rodgers is laughing at him.

Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) I was pretty stoked when Renner started playing sexy guys. You can't exactly go around telling people you have a crush on the guy who played Jeffery Dahmer.

I thought of this through the whole movie.  I ship LokixElsa so much!!

THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING. First off here we have Frozen-ness and The amazing Loki-ness meshed together to create this amazing-ness. Beauty has been created. Frozen has been Loki'ed

Jeremy Renner. Yes, he's attractive, but that's not why I'm repinning. I'm repinning because I really REALLY want to draw this in charcoal.

Jeremy Renner: This is my 'I am a man of feeling and soul' stare

<b>Can one universe handle this much snark?</b> Potential League members must be able to kick ass and cut a biting retort at a moment's notice.

Hawkgirl is fucking brutal.

22 Times The Justice League Proved Their Superpower Is Sass.Frickn love The Justice League