Torrasque by *Mr--Jack on deviantART

Quite near the start of development on Heart of the Swarm, *PhillGonzo requested a new concept of the Torrasque hero ultralisk from original SC, since w.

Evolve: Goliath 02 by on @deviantART

Process Part 2 for concepting of the first announced monster: Goliath! If you wanna learn more about this guy head over to GameInformer: www.

Starcraft 2 zerg unit . . . To begin with, I have to say I've no problem with the infestor at the moment, I just loved the defiler's look as well and thought I'd try to meld the two ...

I always find it fun to make the most mundane units interesting, soMore SC zerg fanart, the Drone.

Latest in line for the Zerg (though admittedly this probably should have come before the muta), the new overlord mutation, the Overseer.

GOMOA by on @DeviantArt

Artist: Pavel Romanov aka cynic pavel - Title: gomoa reg-Legend of the Cryptids - Monsters - Card: Unknown