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Michael jackson ❤️

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Michael Jackson HIStory era: Black and silver imprints, rhinestones, buttons and buckles with silver armpads. Black jeans and silver shades.



DeviantArt: More Like MJ meets fanfics by inemasterkart

this is not the normal Mike we know, it's an out of character MJ that i have created: imagine a super lazy-ass MJ, careless about everything, for example, he forgets his dance steps in the middle o.

Michael - I Love You More   L.O.V.E: Michael Jackson - Palestra em Oxford

2001 - Michael Jackson made a speech at a Heal The Kids debate that took place at New York City's Carnegie Hall.

22 years ago in MJ HIStory March 20, 1991. Announcement of biggest deal in Music history between MJ & Sony reported to be worth $1 billion dollars.

Everyday, Create your HIStory, Every path you take you're leavin' your legacy, Every Soldier dies in his glory, Every LEGEND tells of conquest &liberty.