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The thing is that the elves where given immortality, where as Davie Jones and Voldamort took it for themselves.

"I saw that first picture and IMMEDIATELY thought of Elves! ~ made by Samantha Morton. / Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit / Elves / Tolkien / Humor / Galadriel / Thranduil / Legolas / Gil-galad / Elrond"

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Elrond - "Thranduil, you are not the only one who looks fabulous in armor. Come stand beside me, old friend, and we will set those fangirl hearts aflame.

Thranduil~ "Now Legolas, when searching an area for enemies you need a good vantage point an- what are you doing?" Legolas~ "Is this high enough Ada?*irritated sigh* come down, son.