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Bleach Comic: Silly Shirosaki by =Mizashi on deviantART - Because crazed, demonic albinos are super attractive for some reason.

Bleach Anime


Type: Fan Art, Anime(s)/Show(s): Bleach, Character(s): Zangetsu Comment: You are the reason I think the show is called bleach, because you are a bleached out version of Ichigo.

"I have no name" "White" "Hollow Ichigo" "Hichigo Shirosaki" "Ogihci" "Vaizard" "Vasto Lorde" "Hollow Mask" "Inner Hollow" "Asauchi" | I think Kubo just likes to mess with our heads when it comes to Ichigo xD the dude is everything!

"I have no name" "White" "Hollow Ichigo" "Hichigo Shirosaki" "Ogihci" "Vaizard" "Vasto Lorde" "Hollow Mask" "Inner Hollow" "Asauchi" well, I think Kubo .

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Not sure why the artist went with this particular group, but it's still a pretty awesome drawing.

Look at Ichigo looking delectable there! The end to the Aizen rebellion arc gave us some seriously amazing action and the hottest manifestations Ichigo has ever

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Kurosaki Ichigo

Kurosaki Ichigo

BLEACH 6 Anime Ichigo kurosaki ichigo Hell Hell verse Cute

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