Legend of Korra - The Road to El Dorado parody soooo I'm guessing Korra n Maka did.... Uk..... The thing....

Legend of Korra - The Road to El Dorado parody soooo I'm guessing Korra n Mako did. The thing. Then Korra and The girl got together. Cause Mako wasn't good enough.


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izzysenpai: “crashlol: “It still blows my mind that they were able to slip a Beyonce reference into LOK I love it ” i dont think anyone understands the irony of this. that dance scene is from ‘girls.

I don't think so, since the next avatar will be born to Earth Kingdom he/she would already have learn earth bending. So maybe Mako could teach him Fire bending and Ikki, Meelo, or Jinora can teach them air bending

elderly Zuko & Katara

Everyone wants a Zuko/Katara hug in Korra." and as one of the commenters says: "We NEED a Zuko and Katara hug in Korra- they are the only memebrs of Team Avatar that are still alive!" I really believe that that has to count for something.

Bolin. Grandmother. Persuading. Mako. Funny.  Need I say more? xD Legend of Korra. I love this part!!!!!!!

After watching the first Episode from Book 3 I had to post this hilarious conversation between Bolin and Mako. Team Avatar are planning. Legend of Korra.

Makes sense. She narrates the intro, and is there from the very first scene to the very last.

O_O Maybe she's telling the whole ATLA series to Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin. She just sounds young because Mae Whitman was the only voice actor for her at the time.