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Tree hugger

"I'm a koala bear and you are my eucalyptus tree". It's a Keenan and Ellie thing

Just eatin'

Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature and is useful as a warming oil when used for muscular and joint aches and pain, arthritis, sprains and poor circulation. It can also have a cooling effect on the body.

bibidebabideboo: “(世界の雑記帳:少雨でコアラの生態に変化、地上の水場に長く滞在=豪科学者 - 毎日新聞から) ”

Climate change is forcing koalas to seek alternate water sources, including troughs on the ground out of the safety of the trees, scientists have found.

Don't procrastinate...

I have loved koalas ever since I read about them in a book in the third grade. The first fact you should know about koalas is that they are NOT koala bears! They are koalas. Koalas are not related to bears.