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INFATTI LE SUE QUALITA’ INVISIBILI, LA SUA ETERNA POTENZA E DIVINITA’, SI VEDONO CHIARAMENTE FIN DALLA CREAZIONE DEL MONDO  http://oldweb.altervista.org/infatti-le-sue-qualita-invisibili-la-sua-eterna-potenza-e-divinita-si-vedono-chiaramente-fin-dalla-creazione-del-mondo/

The Crab Nebula, the remnant of a supernova explosion about light-years away, observed in It contains a neutron star near its center that spins 30 times per second around its axis.

Nebula Images: http://ift.tt/20imGKa Astronomy articles:... Nebula Images…

Photograph: Mark Hanson/Astronomy Photographer of the Year NGC 6888 by Mark Hanson (US). This colourful starscape taken from Rancho Hidalgo, New Mexico, US reveals the searing heat of the Crescent Nebula glowing in a whirl of red and blue.


The Eye of God~~Dust and the Helix Nebula ~ Dust makes this cosmic eye look red. The eerie Spitzer Space Telescope image shows infrared radiation from the well-studied Helix Nebula (NGC a mere 700 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius

30 million galaxies mapped in relationship to each other show the large scale texture of the Universe.

Invisible dark matter particles may regularly pass through our bodies, and dozens to thousands of these particles may be colliding with atoms inside us every year, according to a new calculation.

Hubble Telescope's humble work up above the clouds

Christmas Tree Cluster, Fox Fur Nebula/ Cone Nebula in Monoceros, NGC The…

Spaghetti Nebula (Simeis 147) Located between the Auriga and Taurus constellations, this supernova created a really unique remnant after the major explosion. The filaments of material that were left behind in the supernova remnant emit a strong radio signal, and produce a beautiful wispy visual. Wikipedia / Digitized Sky Survey,  expanse.collectivepress.com ESA/ESO/NASA FITS Liberator

The Spaghetti Nebula, supernova remnant in Taurus Image Credit: Digitized Sky Survey, ESA/ESO/NASA FITS Liberator . in a galaxy far, far way.

Star Cluster NGC 2074 in the Large Magellanic Cloud Hubble...  Isn't this just absolutely beautiful?....

Star Cluster NGC 2074 in the Large Magellanic Cloud Hubble peered into a small portion of the nebula near the star cluster NGC 2074 (top).