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format PNG versus format GIF | http://exitstudio.be | http://exitstudio.be/blog/jpeg-png-et-gif-formats-et-optimisation-des-images-pour-le-web-et-facebook/

vs GIF -- Good for: The main thing that does better than GIFs is having support for Alpha Transparency.

10 Basic Tips About #responsive. good guide for breakpoints, adaptive sizing, etc

10 Basic Tips About Responsive Design - Infographic

Responsive Web Design:    Is your website optimised effectively for all devices and platforms? Don’t just think mobile or desktop, think every simgle device and user on the web. Responsive websites are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across all platforms.

Example of a site that is TOO busy What is Responsive Web-Design? This InfoGraphic explains how responsive design displays your website on various devices (e.g. desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.

Key Info About Responsive Web Design | Infographic

Key Info About Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

- What is responsive web design? Why you should use responsive web design? This Infographic provides insights on the concept of responsive web design and the reasons for its rising popularity.

Montana Social Media and Marketing here with an infographic that shows a nice clean and "responsive design workflow."

Simple Web Design Practices For You To Use

Today there so many web sites built on open source wordpress CMS ! Ecove Solutions Private Limited offers you a best design and developed sites with long term warranty at affordable price.

Tips on Choosing the Right URL. Read it here - http://www.business2community.com/seo/30-free-search-optimized-web-design-tips-tip-1-choosing-url-2-0886122#!QXqPr

Free website building tips: Choosing a URL. When you first decide to build a website .

European countries are just plain weird...BAGGED WATER and BAGGED MILK?! And not to mention, windows with no screens?(no wonder you guys had the Black Plague)

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European countries are just plain weird.BAGGED WATER and BAGGED MILK? And not to mention, windows with no screens?(no wonder you guys had the Black Plague)<<<I am German and I have never heard of bagged water or milk before

Kanban vs Scrum Infographic | Kanbanize Blog #Tridentsqa #Scrum vs #Kanban

Exclusive FREE liquorice pompom tutorial

We so often hear Scrum and Kanban. Lets find the differences between them. Next Infographic shows us the differences between this boards. Scrum Board Kanban Board More info…

TINY PNG Make your website faster and save bandwidth. TinyPNG optimizes your PNG images by while preserving full transparency!

user experience design posters - Google Search

User Interface: the visual objects that allow you to interact with software (buttons, links, etc). This includes websites.

Je te propose une sélection de 10 tutos vidéos Illustrator (7 gratuits et 3 payants).

10 tutos pour débuter sur Illustrator

Je te propose une sélection de 10 tutos vidéos Illustrator (7 gratuits et 3 payants).



Why Content Creation is Good for SEO - especially if you want to tame the panda!

15 Informative 2012 Marketing Infographics