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Dracula Untold - Behind the Scenes

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4 Reasons "Dracula Untold" Is A Superhero Movie In Goth Clothing

Ngila Dickson, costume designer of did a lot of historical research when it came to designing the outfits and armor for the characters. Some designs even completely adhered to the true century world! Are you impressed by the detailed work in armor?

Luke Evans Stars in WWD Photo Shoot to Promote Dracula Untold image Luke Evans WWD 001

Luke Evans Stars in WWD Photo Shoot to Promote 'Dracula Untold'

Luke Evans: Slaying Them Softly Photo by Rodolfo Martinez In the photo studio, Evans shows a different side of himself than the one viewers are accustomed to in full-throttle genre movies. He waits.

Luke Evans in Dracula Untold, 2014. Wow, he looks like Vlad!

Dracula untold (I am not a fan of the classical Dracula story, but I enjoyed this movie; Luke was great)