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So true and I will always cry at the end of The Battle Of The Five Armies because he did steel my heart!!!!!

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and Ranking Hotness of Male Actors

“The cake is a lie.” // AHHHHHH!!! I love this!!! Come to MY house, Kili! I have cake - I work in a cake store!! (-SG)

I've been lied to. The whole reason I signed up for this was the cake! I was promised cake, I will have cake! (Me when I go to any party without cake.

The Hobbit--Snow White got gypped---No kidding. Yes, I pinned even with the spelling error. See? I'm evolving! :-)

Snow White got gypped

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The leader of a pack of Uruk-hai from the Lord of the Rings and a terrified child. I don't care if my kids would cry, "You're GOING to have your picture made with this orc, damnit!

#lordoftherings #lotr #LOL SOOOOOOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A FANtastic Voyage

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and into fandom bind them, In middle earth where the fellowship lies. ( them ) the countless slightly obsessive fans everywhere that will always love Lord of the Rings.

and this is why Bilbo Baggins speaks to my soul

I would also like to go on an adventure with a band of dwarves. Especially Kili and Fili :)

No objections here! I swear british, irish, scotish, and kiwi men have ruined my chances with other men. They are too stinking handsome!

Kili, Thorin, and Fili: the hot dwarves. (well not so much Kili and Fili.

I don't blame Disney for my high expectations of men....I blame Tolkien.

Funny pictures about I don't blame Disney. Oh, and cool pics about I don't blame Disney. Also, I don't blame Disney.


Casual reminder that Bilbo and Gandalf went to the Undying Lands, so he wouldn't have been reunited with Thorin and Company. Sorry, I'll just go over there and cry now.

This is the most true thing I've ever seen. In fact I am having a LOTR marathon tomorow now

That's literally how I spend my Friday nights. Watching LOTR, The Hobbit, and any of the Marvel movies! I'm a nerd!