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Il bacio
Cornice fantasia Galaxy blu acqua giapponese opale ciondolo collana

Cornice Galaxy Blue Water giapponese opale ciondolo collana

"Angel", Abbott Handerson Thayer-by Zilda in Naples (Napoli)
Ponte LEGO dell'artista tedesco Megx in Germania
Yarn-bombed stop sign - This makes me grin every time I look at it. Seriously. :-D It's just so ridiculously happy! Even obnoxious stop signs (they're meant to catch your attention - they have to be obnoxious) can be pretty flowers. Is there anything happier than that??

Lang - Baumann / Interessante Street Painting in Svizzera

Colors are life - i colori sono la vita - #colors - by Dielle Web e Grafica
Banksy gif #animate