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It isnt widely known that Gilles Villeneuve started by racing snowmobiles in Quebec..Formula 1..US and Canadian Formula Atlantic championships..1976

Gilles Villeneuve

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This is a little more than your usual, supermarket parking lot fender bender. It took place at the Japanese Grand Prix in 1977 and involved Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari and Ronnie Peterson's Tyrrell P34 on lap #5

Gilles Villeneuve and Ronnie Peterson Accident - Fuji Speedway 1977

Japanese Grand Prix 1977 - Gilles Villeneuve’s Ferrari and Ronnie Peterson’s Tyrrell on lap

Rene Arnoux vs Gilles Villeneuve - (SILODROME)

Rene Arnoux vs Gilles Villeneuve - (SILODROME)

Gilles Villeneuve vs Rene Arnoux @ Dijon The Battle of France

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Gilles Villeneuve

Photo of the day: Gilles Villeneuve and Ferrari, Monaco 1981 - Motorsport Retro

Gilles Villenueve.

“He always did what he loved the most. He gave himself entirely to motor racing and motor racing itself made him renowned.” - Seville Villeneuve, father of Gilles. Simply a beautiful machine.

Gilles was a legend. Drove Ferraris like his Canadian snowmobiles and had us all in constant awe.

The Fabulous Ferrari 458

on the limit … Villeneuve using all of the kerbs then some Gilles Villeneuve, Ferrari 1980 Dutch Grand Prix, Zandvoort

Gilles Villeneuve(CDN) Born 18, January 1950 DIed 8, May 1982(Age 32) Killed During Qualifying for the Belgium Grand Prix, Circuit Zolder

Gilles Villeneuve (CDN) Born January 1950 Died May 1982 (Age Killed During Qualifying for the Belgium Grand Prix, Circuit Zolder


Gilles Villeneuve

The Greatest Wheel-To-Wheel Duel In History: Villeneuve vs Arnoux At Dijon

Gilles Villeneuve: Another day at the office.

Anyone else would have had his head torn off, but no-one else drove like Gilles & Ferrari loved him for it.