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Type: Fan Art, Anime(s)/Show(s): Attack on Titan, Character(s): Levi Comment: The face of complete hostility.

#wattpad #fanfic Los personajes no me pertenecen sino a Hajime Isayama.  Parejas: Levi x Eren Aclaraciones: LETRA GRANDE gritos -entra raya dialogo- /entre raya torcida narrador/ *hablar por teléfono o mensajes telefónicos* "pensamientos" &&&&& cambio de escenario o lugar +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...

Orgullo & Prejuicio - 5. Comienzo

(y/n) Rivallie and her brother Levi Rivallie lived in the underground city for their entire lives. They had lost their Mother at a very young age. Levi was al.

Hahahahahaha true I did

Literally me. I watch Attack on Titan like for the show and the rest of that - because I suck at math lol - for Levi.

What is it Eren? weee done! Got my new markers on friday c: and I started using them right away ofc! Shingeki no Kyojin eyes

Chise & Elias

Elias Ainsworth version humain et Chise Hatori - Mahou Tsukai no Yome