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Shichigoro Shingo is a digital artist who depicts a whimsical world populated by quirky mechanized characters (both animal and human)

Discover The Art of Shingo Matsunuma (shichigoro-shingo), a Digital Artist based in Japan.

Worlds Shichigoro

The Adventures of Torso Boy - artforadults: shichigoro shingo

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"Bunny Couture" Angelina Wrona I have loved her art for years. One day I shall own this, it is my favourite because of the bunny.

Shingo Matsunuma.

Fabulous selection of Futuristic Illustrations from Japanese artist Shichigoro-Shingo.


The smiling creatures of digital artist Shingo Matsunuma (aka Shichigoro) have a pleasant and unusual mix of the macabre and the cheerful.

Shichigoro es un artista japonés quien crea seres biomecánicos capaces de convivir en una tranquila armonía.

Shichigoro: felicidad biomecánica

Ryohei Hase

“My theme of paintings is to express the darkness of mind which is sad and gloomy but at the same time, it’s beautiful and strong.” Absolutely incredible paintings by Tokyo based artist Ryohei Hase…