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A bunch of cute styles with cute chibi characters

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oreo pudding by meago.deviantart.com on @deviantART

meago dollicious - oreo pudding- but in my mind, it's a chocolate fudge cake ;

Dollicious by meago on deviantART http://meago.deviantart.com/gallery/39007942/Dollicious?offset=72

Please adopt only one. I adopted lemonade and red velvet! Green Tea , Sea food, ramen, and mint & chocolate ice cream are ADOPTED

meago dollicious - ramen and spaghetti

okay, i had to do it XD also i decided they will be sisters and their hair grow very fast :'D spaghetti and ramen *back to work* pasta party

Dollicious Sweet by meago.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Soooo I am going on JAPAN EXPO this year, it's my VERY FIRST time, and i am super duper stressed Q_Q Totally visit me there and cheer me up! I will have mostly prints, and my Dollicious Sweet.

Schwarzwald cake fullbody by meago on deviantART

Schwarzwald cake fullbody by meago on deviantART. This is my favorite cake of all time!

white tea by `meago on deviantART. Part of the "dollicious" series. Please check the artist out, as she has some more of these cute dolls.

white tea by meago on deviantART (Goddess Nuwa inspiration, Kage's ancestral being)

Dollicious Sandwish by axelwing

Neopolitan icecream sandwich closeup by Meago! The hair is so similar to my old hair.

beer fullbody by meago.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"beer fullbody" by meago on deviantART (part of Dollicious series)

dragonfruit fullbody by meago on deviantART

Name: ami dragonfruit Food: dragonfruit Age: 16 Appearance: *pin above* Available for adoption