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Michael and the Serpent, Baron Arild Rosenkrantz Denmark colored chalk on paper

Pâques Liane Collot d'Herbois

If we feel at a loss to make sense of the life of Jesus, and the presence of Christ in his life, we must not despair. It is so easy to give up when something is too confusing or too hard to underst…

The Light we receive from the Angels is calming, healing and will Light us up if…

A guardian angel showering his charge with light and protection. (This picture gives me goosebumps because I "felt" this and "saw" white wings of protection crossed in front of me during my mom's funeral service. It was so comforting.) //So beautiful EL//

@solitalo Amada niña lemuriana, en este día cuando se preparan para realizar la unión de almas a través del Wesak, te traigo un mensaje desde mi más grande amor para que compartas con tus hermanos …

#NUEVO Mensaje de Siddartha Gautama El Buda: No deben hacer NADA – por Solange Marín

“You don't have to die to enter nirvana or the Kingdom of God. You only have to dwell deeply in the present moment, right now.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh By: Gerard Klein Title: Lotus Buddha lis