Love this mood-still hopeful and forward-facing-even in the rain.

Photograph: Rainy Day

I don't know why I love this photograph but I find it beautiful. It's almost as if time has ceased to exist.

Traffic lights => This picture depicts a photo of multiple traffic lights along the street. This picture is able to capture all of the traffic lights of the street.

ph. Piergiorgio Branzi. Napoli, 1953

Piergiorgio Branzi - Napoli, 1953 - Vintage Black and White Photography

Fotografías del Hong Kong de los años 50, capturadas por Fan Ho.

Hong Kong Capturado por Fan Ho

In Fan Ho's most recent book, A Hong Kong Memoir, Ho goes into his old archives and finds never-before-seen images from the and

نَـــحنُ لـا نُـــدرِك حَـــقِيقَة الْأشـــيَاء !!..حِـــين نَـــركض بِـــاتّجَاهِها دُونَ تـــمهلْ  !!..وَ دونَ الـــنّظرْ لِـــخُطُوَاتنَا الْـــمَجنُونَة   وَ مَـــا إنْ نَـــصل لَـــها حَـــتى  !..يـــخف بَـــريقُهَا وَ يـــنْطَفِئ كُـــل حُـــبٍ قَـــدْ بَـــدى لَــنا

Ever Feel you are all alone? A Light is Shining over you - you just need to LOOK UP! Street Photography Gallery ☮k☮


Man-made: This photo uses hard lighting to trick the viewer into seeing a ghost (shadow) ascending the stairs.

foto inspo #shadow - ☮k☮

An entry from foto inspo

I like this picture because it gives and ordinary perspective to the shadows of the people. Also, it is almost like an optical illusion because the shadows look like actual people.