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The Sliding Facade Abandoned Building in Kent, UK is an art installation by artist Alex Chinneck.  It will only stand for a year so if you're in town, stop by to check it out.

cjwho: “ “From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes” by Alex Chinneck British artist and designer Alex Chinneck has completed construction of his most ambitious installation to date after peeling the front of a four-storey house in Margate.

9. De Wese's Tip Top Cafe, 1938 (San Antonio)

These 11 Longest-Standing Restaurants In Texas Have Served Mouthwatering Meals For Decades

10 Mom & Pop Restaurants In Texas That Serve Home Cooked Meals To Die For - pictured: DeWese's Tip Top Cafe (San

10 small town restaurants in Texas will have you drooling and asking for seconds.

10 Mom & Pop Restaurants in Texas that served home cooked meals to die for

8. Newton, Population: 7,942

Here Are The 12 Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns In New Jersey

One of the things that makes New Jersey so special is our diverse, vibrant mix of cities and towns. Even our small towns have so much to offer!

Every San Francisco bar and restaurant Anthony Bourdain has visited on TV...

Maybe it was from a recent binge-watching session of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, or maybe it was his recent visit to the city by the bay -- what matters is that I suddenly felt compelled to compile every single place (food and drink-wise, that is).

Cite du Vin : Top 10 Food & Wine Museums : TravelChannel.com

Top 10 Food & Wine Museums

"La Cite du Vin", or "the City of Wine", is a mix between a theme park and a museum all about WINE opening June in Bordeaux, France, the wine capital of the world.

These 11 Amazing Texas Restaurants Are Loaded With Local History

These 11 Amazing Texas Restaurants Are Loaded With Local History

Texas Vacations, Texas Travel, Route 66, Country Homes, Diners, Road Trips, Plate, Country Houses, Restaurants

Airbnb Eve: A Tech Behemoth Comes Face To Face With San Francisco

Less Than A Week Before San Francisco Votes On The Future Of Airbnb, I Had Dinner With Airbnb

North Beach is often derided by SF locals for being too touristy, hokey and—worst of all—chock full of mediocre eating establishments. These establishments…