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Christy Turlington November 1997

Christy Turlington photographed for "Esquire Magazine" by Pamela Hanson - November, 1997

Lauren Hutton is the perfect example of "aging perfection". Keep the mind open, don't limit yourself with "can't" and "won't".

Lauren Hutton is the perfect example of "aging perfection". Keep the mind open…


Christy Turlington Very much my style - the combination of feminine form-hugging skirt plus the masculine angles of the tailored shirt creates a simple, clean silhouette, which is then contrasted by the disheveled/relaxed hair, very little makeup.

More than a decade after a devastating motorcycle accident, Lauren Hutton-aka the coolest model ever, and one who redefined American…

Lauren Rides Again

Lauren Hutton Shop Shabby Shack Vintage Denim in Courtyard Antiques (formerly known as Front Porch Antiques Mall) in the Mason Antiques District. Open 7 Days, 10 A. – 6 P. Vintage Denim for Women & Children.

🥀 dia ~ gown (white ~ clingy not tight ~ very flattering ~ no belt), complimentary makeup, matching accessories, and similar matching heels ~ very subtly representing their generation, (very very) mature, very balanced, first era classic (older noble 'sub' section), subtly a little prim, a little regal, very traditional, very fashionable (haute couture), very flattering, hot, and timeless (one of the most fashionable royals in her section) 🥀

Lauren Bacall - her colours were black, white, navy and caramel. She rarely wore jewellery but when she did she chose classic and unique pieces, like pearls. Another trademark of Lauren was her rip-curl shoulder length grazing bob.

Isabella Rossellini, New York, 1997. Photographed by Irving Penn.

Isabella Rossellini, New York, Photographed by Irving Penn. Black and White photography - beauty!

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coco chanel is my hero. she teachers women that no matter how much you start of with you can always make it and she should be an insperation to all woman young and old.

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Laidback jute sandals set off Lauren Hutton's effortless safari-chic look in Rex Features.