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Avocado-Buttermilk Soup with Crab Salad | MyRecipes.com

Avocado-Buttermilk Soup with Crab Salad

No-Cook Meals - Healthy Avocado-Buttermilk Soup with Crab Salad Recipes - Cooking Light

She-Crab Soup | MyRecipes.com I must be fairly serious about this one.. I just printed out the recipe! :-). 8/30/14. Finally tried this recipe tonight - just s good as we'd hoped!  We'll be making this one again.

She-crab Soup

Cooking Light - She Crab Soup - This Carolina lowcountry soup gets its name from the generous dollop of crab roe that customarily garnishes the top. Crab roe is available in season (May-August), but this creamy soup is just as delicious without it.


Roasted Corn and Radish Salad with Avocado-Herb Dressing < Radish Recipes - Cooking Light Mobile

Award Winning "Maryland Cream of Crab Soup" What can I say, must be good, it won an award..

Award Winning Maryland Cream of Crab Soup

AWARD WINNING MARYLAND CREAM OF CRAB SOUP: 1 pound Maryland jumbo lump crab meat 1 tablespoon fresh parsley 3 teaspoons Old Bay Seasoning cup butter 2 pints heavy whipping cream 1 quart half and half cornstarch teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper 1 pint milk

Cold Avocado Soup with Chile-Lime Pepitas: Sumptuous yet light (hint: use yogurt instead of cream), this soup makes an elegant starter. Skillet-roasted pepitas with lime and chile add a welcome crunch. Via FineCooking

Cold Avocado Soup with Chile-Lime Pepitas

Can you tell we love avocado? Pepitas are pumpkin seeds. Cold Avocado Soup with Chile-Lime Pepitas

Chilled Corn Bisque with Basil, Avocado, and Crab | Allow soup to stand 30 minutes at room temperature before serving. The flavor will come through better if you take the chill off. Slice your basil and chop the avocado just before serving so it doesn't begin to brown.

Chilled Corn Bisque with Basil, Avocado, and Crab

Healthy Chilled Corn Bisque with Basil, Avocado, and Crab Recipe < 101 Healthy Soup Recipes - Cooking Light

chilled avocado shrimp soup

Chilled Avocado Soup

Chilled Avocado Soup this is soooo yummy on hot days and a healthy one too . hope you will enjoy this, as we did :-) you need : 1 ripe avocado 1 cup of chicken broth (or veggi broth) cup of c.

This rustic dish has an unexpected combination of textures that works beautifully. Neither the egg whites nor the avocados have cholesterol, and the fat in the dish is monosaturated (the "good" fat). If you keep hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator, you can make this breakfast at a moment's notice.

Hard-Boiled Egg Whites with Avocado

Hard-Boiled Egg Whites with Avocado- Fast and Healthy breakfast on the run! The whites don't offend me as much. But I would have to boil the whole egg and that stinks.

Avocado Soup with Citrus-Shrimp Relish Recipes

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Avocado Soup with Citrus-Shrimp Relish : This lovely no-cook soup is thick and creamy, and a meal in itself with its topping of lemony shrimp. It weighs in at less than 300 calories a bowl, so pair it with a side salad for a well-rounded meal.

Chilled Avocado Soup with Seared Chipotle Shrimp Recipe | MyRecipes.com

Chilled Avocado Soup with Seared Chipotle Shrimp

A delicious combination of tastes and textures, this first course soup combines smoky chile heat, crisp sweet corn, and silky-rich avocado.View Recipe: Chilled Avocado Soup with Seared Chipotle Shrimp

Feeling under the weather? Kick that cold or flu to the curb with the ultimate immune-boosting soup. Packed full of vitamins and minerals from delicious ingredients like turmeric, kale and bok choy in a mushroom broth for a healthy vegetarian soup recipe.

The Ultimate Immune-Boosting Soup

I added chicken breast pieces, seasoned with Chinese Five Spice, which I sautéed in olive oil and finished with Tamari sauce. I also added dehydrated mushrooms instead of using fresh mushrooms.

Crab Bisque by Cooking Light

101 Healthy Soup Recipes - Soups, stews, gazpachos and purees.something for everyone and every season.

Thai Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum is my Favorite! Thai Tom Yum Soup - A spicy soup with coconut, thai chilies, rice noodles and veggies

Homemade Lobster Bisque!

Lobster Corn Chowder

Barefoot Contessa - Recipes - Lobster Corn Chowder, this would be good with substitutions for a low fat version. I make a sea food chowder that is yummy and low fat, but you wouldn't know. I think that similar recipe with only lobster=Yum!