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Its too bad merle poms are so prone to health problems because they sure are beautiful!

The first day ! <3

Chloe ~ Australian Shepherd Pup ~ Classic Look//////// OMG if this puppy had amber eyes I would've swore this was Bailey as a puppy

Newfie Love the Water, They're Considered The Number One Dog For People With Children, And They Look Like Bears! What's Not To Love?!

two Newfies Such great kid dogs! They love the water, they're considered the number one dog for people with children, and THEY LOOK LIKE BEARS!

Blue Merle Pom! Merle's are so unique and beautiful, just like my bear <3                                                                                                                                                     More

Inspiring image baby animals, cute animals, dogs, pomeranian, puppy by rayman - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Chow chow puppy

Chow chow dogs originated from mainland China, this dog earned the nickname the Lion Dog because its shape is similar to the male lion. It is estimated that this dog has been there since the year 150 BC, the palace is used as guard dogs and hunting friend

Cute Shih Tzu Puppy

Our black and white, Sadie, is due to deliver anytime and I'm hoping they look just like this sweet thing! We had a black and white Sadie too!

ugh! so cute!

Funny pictures about I surrender to sleep. Oh, and cool pics about I surrender to sleep. Also, I surrender to sleep.

I want a newfie, and I will name him Kitty.  So I can call " here kitty kitty" and have a giant dog come running...

I want 3 puppers when I start a family of my own. Two small cutesies and one humongous, ginormous fluffer. Either a Newfie or a Leonsberger.

Sweet German Shepherd puppy feels safe in his daddy’s arms.

Funny pictures about That Empty And Sad Face When You Enter The Vet's Office. Oh, and cool pics about That Empty And Sad Face When You Enter The Vet's Office. Also, That Empty And Sad Face When You Enter The Vet's Office photos.

Father and son Newfoundland dad and baby from Notta bear Newfoundlands