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Quim marim

quim marin is a designer based in barcelona spain, clearly has a penchant for modernist swiss design as can be seen from his portfolio of work.

Jazz & Blues Neon Sign

Anita's notes - Custom-made neon lights with "GSMA Members Lounge" or messaging.

★ DESIGN ARMY – Side by Side by Sondheim (Poster and Illustration) © Design Army LLC

By breaking up the piano keys, this poster uses the principle of alignment to grab attention. The poster uses the element of shape to illustrate the piano and contrast between the black and white keys and orange background to make it "pop.

Jazz Art, Jazz Music, El Jazz, Jazz Poster, Vinyl Poster, Jazz Lounge, Smooth Jazz, All That Jazz, Jazz Blues

26 awesome pages including this Miles Poster :)

Beautifully designed posters

Miles Film Poster Designed by Heath Killen. Good reusing of the photo from the album, 'A Tribute to Jack Johnson'. A well structured fan poster for a future up coming movie. As a fan of Miles Davis myself, I'm looking forward to it!

Gabriel Oviedo (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post13190226&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)

Beautiful Poster Designs

And in today’s gallery I’ve collected 25 new beautiful poster designs that we’ve come across since our last poster gallery.

Music Images, Jazz, Blues

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Poster by Jessie Ren, via Behance

This poster is really interesting to look at, your eye is constantly bouncing around the poster.

Music Band Posters

LOOVE the colours, the spray-splash and typography in it - so eye catching. Even though the type is a bit hard to read, it might need to be thickened. Liking the abstract lines as well


Joseph Muller Brockmann Poster - geometric shapes and forms creating an abstraction remind of us particular objects/ideas within our world. This universal language is portrayed through simplified forms and can evoke greater meaning for an audience