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These always looked awesome advertised in the back of the DC and Marvel comics, always wanted to send off for some except I couldn't because they were American

Saturday, May is National Sea-Monkey Day, a perfect time to check in on one of my favorite “instant pets.” Sea-monkeys first hit the scene in 1960 and have remained a pop culture staple to this day, amassing millions of dollars in sales over the years.

VINTAGE COMIC BOOK ADS | Pellucidar Offerings: Trio Of Vintage Comic Book Ads

Back then cap pistols were fun for kids and aggravating to parents. Now, a cap pistol like that could cause a serious problem.

A machine gun, for kids. | Community Post: 15 Insane Products You'd Never Be Allowed To Buy Nowadays

Something tells me a kid couldn’t buy this nowadays. Actually, I’ll bet an adult couldn’t either, at least without being added to a terrorist watch list. Via comic coverage.

vintage skull ring comic book ad

No heft in your hands? Have Hellishly Hefty Hands, Hans! Get 2 Skull Rings TODAY.