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[the INTJ explained] The Black Knight

A good INTJ description sent from Jaimie! :D Pretty much sums me up, and a few other INTJ's I've known. :D (Click pin for the rest of the images).

We are loyal until someone shows themselves to be unworthy of our loyalty. Repeatedly. We only cut someone like this off after research and careful consideration and weighing all potential outcomes of several possible situations based on research and past behaviour. It is not something we take lightly.

(I'm hyper aware of the weather lol and don't choose to walk in bad conditions) the rest is pretty accurate

INTJ. I take compliments as someone being sarcastic, every single time.

INTJ - unnecessary praise makes me uncomfortable, while constructive critique is a valued gift to me

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The more I read, the more I learn, the more I discover that I know nothing. - Nick Dear (Frankenstein) ---- And there is NOTHING more frustrating than realizing you know nothing.

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Ugh I had a weird dream where I tried to put on eyeliner but it wasn't working because somehow I can recite pi to twenty digits but not do any makeup