A beautiful picture that captures the feeling I get when I read. A sort of calmness washes over me and makes me feel alive and flying. Like anything is possible and that I'm free to go anywhere and dream of anything.  -- Fidah

This is a photo of a women floating on a chair held up by balloons. In surrealism anything is possible, a women floating by balloons is only possible by imagination.


Great idea for libraries, but also neat for authors to celebrate their own books! Interior Details and Signage for Edmund’s Oast- want to do something like this for the big empty wall in the entryway

Zev aka Fiddle Oak is a 14 years old photographer based in Natick, USA. He produced a series of self portraits and created a world of miniature and fairy-tale with photo manipulations.

14-year-old photographer’s surreal, miniaturized self-portraits [17 pictures]

Miniature World Photo Manipulations by 14 Year Old Photographer Fiddle Oak fiddleoak 10

Surreal Photography by Joel Robison

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