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"Earth's Natural Glitter," by Cheryl Tarrant via Flickr -- "Take one abalone shell, add beads, spray with a mist of water. Add sunlight. Play with a macro lens." Makes for a gorgeous shot!

by Cheryl Tarrant. Instructions to make your own glitter: Take one abalone shell, add beads, spray with a mist of water. Play with a macro lens.

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Water drops on aqua blue or turquoise such a calming effect by margarita

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looking at texture i sort of like how the colour is shown on the material and it gives it a funny effect. but i mainly like the way the material has been arranged.


night - Love the colors and the light bouncing off the water from the moon and stars.

Boule de cristal, boule de cristal quel sera mon avenir ???

Ant pushing a water droplet. because, the ant has something to guard. people like this ant can supercharge their lives.

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Autumn Colors by Victor Eredel. Incredible use of vibrant colour. Love the strong punch of red against the cool dusty turquoise.