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funny pictures, babies

Funny pictures about How I react to babies. Oh, and cool pics about How I react to babies. Also, How I react to babies photos.

Gotta love the sarky reply: How to Unbake a Cake according to jd_mcfly: Put it back in the oven, set it to the negative of whatever temp you baked it at, such as -325 degrees, and leave it in for the same amount of time you baked it for. It has to be exact! If you unbake it too much the flour may turn into wheat and the eggs will turn into a chicken.

If you unbake a cake long enough, the flour may turn into wheat and the eggs turn into a chicken. Oh boy, you're a winner.

I have NO IDEA.

How the NFL is responding to the controversy surrounding the officiating on Monday Night Football

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a waiting husband. and dog. I can see this happening when I have a husband and we have a house and a dog!


33 Facts to be happy about ¦ this actually made me smile and brightened up my day a bit :)

This sums it up perfectly

snap chatting in public.i forget that when i snap chat in public people can see me